About Me


My name is Kirsty and beginning around ten years ago I experienced an ongoing series of events that would ultimately leave me traumatised and struggling with depression long after that time period ended.

Since opening up about my struggle, I have learnt that there is a name for the particular type of trauma I suffered. Small ‘t’/ Complex Trauma. This means that the trauma was not caused by a one-off terrifying or otherwise highly distressing incident (mugging, car crash, or a great loss for example) but a series of more everyday distresses that occur over a prolonged period of time (divorce and affairs are examples of these).

I first began to speak publicly about having depression in Spring 2017. I opened up and “came out”-if you will-to my friends on Facebook. I was taken aback by the response. The overwhelming words of support, the touching affirmations offered but most of all by the amount of people who got in touch with me privately to tell me that they too had lived with or were currently living with their own similar struggles. People were relating to what I was saying. I was touched and amazed. What I had, in my many moments of self-deprecation, begun to disregard as self-indulgent over sharing (talking too much again Kirsty!) was reaching people, touching their lives and helping them. I never imagined I was capable of that.

I began to wonder if I could reach more people.

And so here I am with an entire platform of my own to continue to self-indulgently over share on in the hope that it might just possibly reach someone else out there outside of my circle of friends and acquaintances, who is privately and silently fighting their own demons each and every day as they take their children to school, go to work, have brunch with friends, smile at their partners etc etc...

Writing and developing Much Love Kirsty has been and continues to be an extremely cathartic experience. It has been and continues to be a journey of self-reflection and personal growth. It has given me a sense of identity I never realised I was missing. Most importantly-finally-I feel that I am beginning to heal.

Whatever your particular story is, whatever your struggle, you are welcome here.

If you need this, I hope it reaches you and I hope it helps you.

Much love,