Scrabbling for Structure

By Kirsty | 2 April 2020

  Hello There! Have you heard about our Lord and Saviour, Scrabble? Well, let me tell you…. Scrabble is currently our favourite thing. Weeeell, more mine and Youngests as Eldest finds it quite frustrating as the game progresses and becomes harder. As for S, he seems to find it reasonably enjoyable although I wouldn’t like to…

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Coping with School Closures: Week 1

By Kirsty | 31 March 2020

So, how are we all doing? Yesterday I came across a post from author and mental health advocate Matt Haig that said… “Yeah, well, I havnt’ even achieved that today pal…” I grumbled internally to myself, referring to the shower It was 3pm so my grouching was justified,I think First week or so of COVID…

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Don’t Be a Corona – Dick

By Kirsty | 22 March 2020

So, the world at large is a little bit terrifying for us all right now. And its more than ok to be scared, it’s human. Everything is changing from day to day and no one knows what’s going to happen next. The human brain is geared up to treat change as an unknown potential threat…

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Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal

By Kirsty | 5 January 2020

No, really! At least in my case… I’ve never discussed it at length beyond casually mentioning it to friends once or twice within relevant context but some years ago now I noticed a correlation between a steep plummet in my mood and if I’ve skipped breakfast I can scrape through just fine for a while…

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On Elsa

By Kirsty | 3 January 2020

(This post contains some minor spoilers for Frozen 2. Just incase you’re pernickety about that sort of thing!) I’m not the only one who sees Queen Elsa of Frozen fame as having major depression and anxiety here, am I??? I feel like I’m stating the obvious but whenever I’ve brought it up with S he’s…

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Oh, Fuck Off Fatigue!!!

By Kirsty | 2 January 2020

The cycle goes a little something like this… Wake up in the morning at an early/reasonable hour (6,7,8). Am fine for a couple of hours Start to flag Eat or drink something Am fine for a couple of hours Start to flag some more Eat or drink something -fine for a shorter time period Flagging…

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The MLK 2020 Bucket List

By Kirsty | 29 December 2019

I… I think…. I think I might be making resolutions! Actual New Years resolutions!! Oh, the shame!!! It’s too cliche!!! I can’t stand it!!!! Last year, off the top of my head, I did two significant things that I’d never done before. 1) I dyed my hair pink 2) I ran a 5k charity race…

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody

By Kirsty | 27 December 2019

🎶🎶…..I wanna feel the HEEEEEEAT…🎶🎶 …The heat of the venue with crappy air conditioning The heat of too many bodies in one room The heat your heart pounding and your blood pumping in your veins The heat of the thrill and exhilaration The heat of the soles of your feet burning after hours of it…

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Blogging

By Kirsty | 24 December 2019

Fair to say that at this stage I have seen a lot of blogs. The internet is heaving with them after all. I suspect there might be billions of blogs in existence – billions of voices speaking into the void wanting to be heard. I have seen extremely successful blogs who are legitimately famous; ones…

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Advice on Coping With Christmas Shopping

By Kirsty | 22 December 2019

The Christmas Panic has officially passed! Or at least it is sufficiently contained I have addressed the things that needed addressing, given myself occasional little mental shakes and have been enjoying the season the way in which it is designed to be, catching up with friends both old and new. There has been mulled wine,…

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