So This is Christmas…

By Kirsty | 19 December 2019

I think I’ve said before more than once that I really like Christmas I love the colours and the lights and the tastes and the music and the core message and the whole HYGGE like atmosphere. I like warm-fuzzies it cranks up towards my loved ones As a teenager, I learnt that certain practicalities and…

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Happiness Vs Contentment

By Kirsty | 31 March 2019

Happiness is fleeting. Relatively easy to obtain  but even more easily lost Happiness is a child with an ice cream. It’s lost when they drop it Happiness is the joy in a flowers vibrancy and scent. It’s lost when they wilt Happiness is a night of music and dancing with friends and loved ones, lost…

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The Versatile Blogger Award

By Kirsty | 4 March 2019

 🎶🎺Duh duh duh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!🎺🎶 I have been on Twitter for little over a month. It is a strange, angry place and my brain has been boggling trying to understand it. I still don’t fully. Yet, as much as I went off at Twitter last week, it does have some pretty cool silver linings. Through being…

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Twitter! Sort Yourself Out FFS

By Kirsty | 27 February 2019

At the advice of Instagram guru Tia Talula, I joined Twitter for the first time about a month ago. My reaction to Twitter can best be summed up with this gif..👇🏻 So, by now we’ve all read about and heard about how social media is bad for our mental health. There is of course much…

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Depression In A Digital Age: The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism

By Kirsty | 6 February 2019

The latest bit of non fiction lit I’ve read is by Fiona Thomas of Fiona Likes To Blog ( Twitter  @fionalikes) Its a relatively light biographical account of Fiona’s own struggles documenting her breakdown, depression and anxiety and tells of how she overcame and harnessed those struggles to find succes both social and career An…

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Hashtag Ten Year Challenge Take 2

By Kirsty | 21 January 2019

So I decided my previous post -my #10YearChallenge one- was a tiny bit self pitying. Lets be real here, I really kind of wallowed in it. Talking at length about all the hang ups I’ve developed down the course of the last six years and how they’ve affected me. Whilst everything I said was genuine…

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Hashtag Ten Year Challenge

By Kirsty | 19 January 2019

So how about this #10yearchallenge craze sweeping the social media’s, eh? For the most part I don’t like social media gimmicks, and I dismissed this one outright initially for my usual reasons and then some. “Self promoting, herd mentality, anti aging, anti body positivity, mysoginistic (seriously how many men do you see doing this?)….blah blah…

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The Evangelicalist

By Kirsty | 5 January 2019

Over on the Much Love social media’s I have, I admit, become a touch evangelical RE narcissism and I would politely ask that my Readers bare with me for the time being. The first time I really discovered narcissism was a couple of years ago when my then-new friend began bit by bit telling me…

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No More

By Kirsty | 3 January 2019

So I had the glaringly stark and and really quite horrific realisation this morning that approximately 80%* of my most major traumas, heartaches, headaches, devestations, stresses, upsets and tears -the sort that really takes a huge toll on the physical, psychological and spiritual self- during the entirety of my adult life (and then some really…

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Triggers: Because Reasons

By Kirsty | 26 December 2018

For years now one of my biggest triggers is if I’m trying to call and noone picks up. I say “noone” what I really mean is S, because it is only with He that it is actually majorly Triggering. With everyone else it’s just plain annoying, in the usual way When I say Triggering, I’m…

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