Look Around, Look Around, How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now

By Kirsty | 17 December 2018

Things That Keep Me Going: . Dappled sunlight through trees in the morning . Glistening frost . Birdsong . Lush grass . The smell of wet leaves and earth . Crisp cool air on my skin . Warm Sun on my skin . Coffee . The smell of woodsmoke . Fairy Lights . Music that…

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‘Tis The Season

By Kirsty | 16 December 2018

Agnostic I may well be but I like Christmas. A lot. Not obsessed or anything but I do like it. True,  it has its pitfalls and foibles but I believe its a fundamentally good thing. Peace, love and good will to all men might well be a pipe dream in reality but overall it’s a…

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A Neighbourhood Called Rejection

By Kirsty | 26 November 2018

Core Statement: “Pushing me away to focus on someone/something else. Not just someone/something else but someone/something else more emotionally important who should by rights matter less” As a young woman in my twenties with S it was his ex-wife As a teenager with my mother and step-father it was alcahol As a small child with…

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And The Tears Kept on Coming….

By Kirsty | 21 September 2018

Realising that the predominant emotion within my depression was in fact anger -and so very much of it- a couple of years ago was a massive turning point for me. For anyone trying to heal and move forward or overcome some trauma or inner struggle being able to recognise and articulate precisely what is going…

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The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short

By Kirsty | 17 September 2018

Youngest turned 6 over the weekend and so we’ve had a busy busy couple of days. She currently LOVES The Greatest Showman movie (weak plot, poor character development and lets not mention the historical/biographical accuracy but visually great,  uplifting, high energy bit of sweet fluffy entertaining escapism with a positive message that is so very…

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All Revved Up with No Place To Go

By Kirsty | 24 July 2018

When I was a teen I felt frustratingly restricted by personal circumstance. I sensed that I was harbouring a heap of untapped potential somewhere below the surface. In what, I couldn’t say. How to tap into it? I couldn’t say that either. Lack of direction, support and opportunity meant I never found out. I spent…

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One More Light – One Year On

By Kirsty | 20 July 2018

    It’s the first anniversary since Chester Bennington passed. Considering how much his and the rest of Linkin Parks music has meant to me over the years I wanted to do or say something poignant and intelligent  to…well, “honour” him I suppose. To make known my sorrow for the loss of him. But I…

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A Moment Of Clarity

By Kirsty | 2 May 2018

This is crazy… It just hit me now, whilst sat on the stairs. Watching my daughter draw chalk dinosaurs outside the front of the house and thinking how wonderful, clever funny and sweet she is whilst also feeling like shit. Physically knackered from a *self inflicted* late night and busy couple of weeks but increasingly mentally…

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The Sun and The Clouds

By Kirsty | 22 April 2018

Ok so it’s not REALLY summer technically yet…but the temperature outside says  says otherwise! Granted, I have inevitably spent many a beautiful day cooped inside crippled by an aversion to facing the outside world, even just my back garden. But-generally- I absaloutley adore my garden in the summer! There is much to be said about…

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Why The Weekends Are The Worst (Sometimes)

By Kirsty | 15 April 2018

The weather is beautiful, I was up in good spirits, was  productive- ish and I feel……kind of nothing, actually. I suppose you’dcall it numb. Its quite a peaceful state to be in. I’m enjoying the beautiful weather…only I’m enjoying it from inside the living room. On the sofa. Lying down peacefully. Not exhausted. Not feeling…

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