Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Susan Jeffers

The one that was recommended to me years ago by someone dear to me at the time, that I mentally dismissed outright because “Self Help Book”. Eight years on and in the midst of my reading frenzy earlier this year it jumped to my mind again. I was always thinking about the next book; what else can be learnt? What else is recommended? What else is relevant ? What else can help me? What else gets me? What else? What else? What else?

In the midst of all my “what else?”s Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway popped back into my mind and I thought “Why not?”

Cant say I agree with everything written here, or perhaps its more accurate to say I don’t feel like all of it is relevant to me. But I did take some significant things away from it. It helped me understand more the concept of taking responsibility and what actual intelligent people really mean when they say that (Whether You Want It or not its Yours) and The 5 Truths about fear.

On the other hand, I do not believe -and whats more studies have heavily indicated-that merely changing your vocabulary so its more positive makes little to no difference to ones mentality when it isn’t sincere at least and the entirety of the Pollyanna Rides Again chapter i.e. “Lets all just be positive!” came across as pretty darn victim blaming in parts. Whatever works for you, Susan, but don’t shame those who don’t share your outlook!

I didn’t love it, but some elements stayed with and so it was still a worthwhile read

Others with a different outlook or mindset to me may well love it completely