How To Break Up With your Phone

Catherine Price


Apparently, the average person spends two hours a day on their phone. My personal average is more like 3-4. It has been as high as 7 recently if you can imagine. I’m not going to lie that startled me (though does listening to music count?). My phone habits like so many of us cusp on the adiction. As much as I’ve fallen of the wagon the last few months,  after reading this book earlier this year I made a conscious effort to reduce my phone time by following its tips and advice and it genuinely helped. My personal best for phone time whilst still being comfortable was 1 hour 15minutes!

Its simple and concise and realistic. A lot of it is obvious yet I never would have thought of it, such as putting all your apps into folders and placing them not on your first home screen but swiped onto the second and third. If you can’t see them you’ll be less inclined to mindlessly check them. Out of sight, out of mind!

Since reading this book I’ve become more conscious as to what prompts me to reflexivley reach for my phone; I realised that I pick it up when I’m upset, bored, feeling lonely, angry, feeling sick or in pain (both physical and emotional). Basically, whenever I don’t feel good. Whose surprised?

I’ve changed my social media habits too. Everything is energy. The second you clap eyes on a post you’ve taken that post in and expended energy on it, even if you immediately scroll downwards. Before you’re even conscious of it, your brain has processed it and you’ve reacted. Ever inexplicably started to feel uncomfortable when scrolling? heart beating a little faster? Bit warmer? I’ve unfollowed pages and people that are not directly relevant to my life or who induce unpleasant feelings in me (anxieties, anger, feelings of inadequacy – I’m not talking confirmation bias here) not because of any failing on their part neccessarily but why would I waste my social energy on something that makes me feel bad and is not not relevant to my life?

A very helpful little book.  If like me you need a bit of assistance in not melting your brain with blue light then I urge you to buy it