The Self Care Project

How to let go of the frazzle and make time for you

Jayne Hardy

The one that started it all. The one that kicked off my reading frenzy. I can’t remember what originally prompted me to buy it having never really been into “self-help” books before. I recall following The Blurt Foundation at the time and I suppose I just thought it sounded good.

Well, it resonated with me on such a huge level I recommend it to literally everybody.

You know when you’re reading something and you have an “OMFG THATS IT!!!!!” moment? That what the very first chapter – 9 Ways I Sucked At Self-Care-was like for me. In particular, ¬†points 7 and 8 (Wonky Boundaries/ All the Times I’ve Said “Yes” When I Really Meant “No”).

From this book I realised for the first time that actually these types of books can often have a lot to offer.

And so began my reading myself better.

And its helped me hugely