The Truth Pixie

Matt Haig

Last Boxing Day I was overwhelmed and struggling. I was fatigued, experiencing painful hypersensitive hearing and was very very tearful. I despaired and I didn’t even know why. I was bent over the coffee table with my hands over my ears sobbing until the room cleared. I felt like very alone. At the same time, elsewhere in England, renowned author Matt Haig was also struggling. How did he deal with it? Well, he went to his office and wrote a poem called The Truth Pixie ¬†for his children. He then went on to publish it. The only book aimed for children on my list so far, The Truth Pixie is a short sweet poignant tale about the misadventure of the little anxious truth Pixie and the mouse who lives in her hair. Together they find and help sad little girl who is afraid of the future and ultimately become firm friends. ¬†Children everywhere have reportedly found this poem immensely comforting, swamping Matt Haigs social medias with posts praising the book. True to form it is simple, wise and Matts kindness and warmth radiates off the pages

Christmas is nearly upon us again. This one is perfect stocking filler size!