Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal

No, really!

At least in my case…

I’ve never discussed it at length beyond casually mentioning it to friends once or twice within relevant context but some years ago now I noticed a correlation between a steep plummet in my mood and if I’ve skipped breakfast

I can scrape through just fine for a while sometimes on just a cup of tea or a coffee, but if I don’t eat at some point then my goodness, even Mr Hyde and would give me a wide berth!

Hangry ain’t the word!

I chalk it up to blood sugar levels but the truth is I’ve really no idea and I find it interesting as often the difference is quite stark

I’ve never written about it because I’ve never properly researched or investigated it but I have lived with it long enough to have noticed a direct link in myself at least and the outcome is what it is regardless to who agrees with me and to who thinks it’s bollocks (on this occasion. Broadly things ought to be researched properly. Science is cool so stay in school kids!)

This morning, after a late breakfast and without even an iota of caffeine to see me through (no milk!), I have emerged from one of the worst deprived-of-morning-sustenance related depressive funks to my memory

Honestly, I feel like I’ve come out the other side of some extreme physical pain like a migraine or something

I wont go into great depth as to what it was like as much of it is silly now, to my clear, fug-free mind….


Generally speaking, I was tearful, feeling crap about myself, highly irritable and very unreasonable. Also, becoming increasingly aware of my own mortality and steady ascent towards old age 😬

Told you it was silly!

Clear plate! You should have seen me an hour ago

Situations like this often come about due to a lack of organisation. I am not an organised person however unfortunately , I’ve become increasingly reliant down the years on things being organised as a means ensuring I can function as my best self

I realise now I should have just rolled with anything remotely edible to keep me up and functioning but that’s the thing with depression and depressive drops, when it takes ahold you often find that you can’t see the wood for the trees

I’ve pretty much exhausted this thread of topic for now, I think, though I’m very interested if others experience the same thing

Needless to say that the take away from this for me is that I really must ensure I eat when I need to, especially in the mornings

It’s a part of my boring, standard self care

First I need to make sure I eat

Then I need to make sure that what I eat is nutritious

Now there’s the rub!

Much Love