Coats: The Blight of My Winter (Well, Usually!)

Swimwear and coats-my greatest fashion struggles!

Back in the Summer as I ranted about and raved about the trials of finding decent swimwear I assumed that I would find myself back at my desk come winter, ranting and raving about my struggles to find a decent coat. Every year for the past 6 years I have struggled to find a winter coat that is both relatively practical and pretty. Of course, the year I decide I’m going to publicly rant and rave about this struggle to provide content for the blog I’m trying to get NOTICED is the year I have remarkably good luck. Go figure!

As such this post will not be a rant and rave about my annual quest to find a winter coat but a brief hommage to this beaut…

Ladies and Gents I give you the Alba Car Coat by Oasis stores. For you lucky buggers wanting to get one, it is now on sale. I however couldn’t risk it selling out and had to have it the moment I saw it. Well, from the moment I tried it on. The amount of times I’ve bought a coat thinking it would be a shoo-in only to return because the cut didn’t fit the way it ought to have…Now theres a rant for another day!



Bold enough to make a statement without being OTT. Classic enough to be chic without being boring. Flattering enough to skim over the parts I want it to skim over and nip in at the bits I want it to nip in at! And that red *swoons*!!

And its warm!!! And it does up ok; no major straining across the buttons! And I can get thick jumpers under it without needing to buy two sizes up and mess with how it fits!! The material is nice! The buttons are sewn properly!

It’s nothing short of a miracle!

This is my first successful attempt at buying a winter coat in about 6 years!

Reader, I love it!!


Much Love