Depression Tip No.1

Don’t buy stuff you don’t feel good in

Seriously, don’t.

At the risk of going a bit Pippas Tips (remember that?!?) make sure there’s nothing in your wardrobe that directly affects your mood for the worse

Admittedly there are some essential items such as uniforms, sports and medically essential clothing that can’t be avoided. Obviously don’t dispose of those

When you are having an up period get rid of the things you feel crap in. If energy is an issue even during the up periods (which I completely relate to) ask for help. Or try to. Get an understanding , supportive friend or family member and have a clear out together.

If and when you go shopping, try not to settle on “meh” or “ok” because on a not so good day something that made you feel “meh” in the shop is going to make you feel like shite. And you don’t want to have to waste what precious little energy you have rummaging through your wardrobe finding something that won’t make you feel worse. You want to be able to reach in and pull out anything, put it on and not have your mood plummet even further as a direct result

And its not strictly about how it looks so much either

Its about how you feel in it

For me I’d scrap itchy jumpers and other unpleasant materials. I’d get rid of jeans that dig in uncomfortably or that allow my muffin top to spill out over the top, because neither of those makes me feel good. The muffin top gets cold! Pyjamas that have holes, threadbare slippers, discoloured whites and yellows. Stiff, hard thinning socks – the crispy ones! Though admittedly Im currently in the habit of stealing socks from my teenage son. Come to think of it maybe I should get my own…(?)

If a garment makes you feel worse about yourself upon wearing it then it doesn’t serve you. In fact, it actively pulls you down during phases you’re desperately trying to stay afloat

You – of all people- don’t need that

Get rid of it



Much Love