Depression Tip No. 2

Establish your staples and build on them

Again, its about saving energy and preserving your sanity over the small stuff. You want to avoid wasting energy rummaging through a billion and one clothing items in the mornings, draining yourself before you’ve even had your coffee. You want to be able to reach in and pluck a thing out and have it work so what your wearing isn’t going to contribute to your comfort or confidence for the worse

I have had multiple miniature break downs over the years trying to find shit to wear. Not for a special event but just to get out the door.¬†They’ve been despairing and draining and exhausting and they’re so not worth the hassle!

Create your own kind of capsule wardrobe and build on it. Find the basics that suit you. Don’t do too much reading into “capsule wardrobe” or “fashion staples” articles that tell you that every Lay-day (or gent. Whatever) should have a pair of black cigarette trousers when black cigarette trousers do not work for you. You’ll feel like crap, especially on a lower day.

Establish what works for you – in body but in soul too!

It takes a bit of time and a bit of energy at first I admit. I don’t expect anybody to be able to bother with this bollocks on a day when they can’t get out of bed or are catatonic on the sofa (been there) and it won’t happen over night.

But it will serve you well in the long run, I promise you

Create a kind of uniform

For me, my winter uniform is skinny jeans and riding boots (hey, I never claimed to be particularly fashion forward or edgy!). Anything else that comes after that are building blocks placed on top of that foundation

My absolute essential staple in particular is dark indigo wash skinnies. When they are not in my wardrobe (usually due to “crotch rot” because my thighs just love each other so damn much!) near enough everything else goes to pieces. They are vital to me. Dressing of a morning becomes much more stressful without them. I’m telling you, I cannot live without them!! As such, I try and have two pairs available at any given time (not saying its always the case but its the ideal)

Tan riding boots. Also, essential. Tan ankle boots. Black ballet pumps. Tan sandal (summer only). Black heels. Nude heels.

A trench (or three because colours!!)

All essential staples to MY wardrobe. Anything else outside of that for me is extra.

Yours might be different. In fact, I can guarantee it will be

Finally, unless its a super beautiful or unique or interesting piece that completely screams YOU that you can’t live without (in which case go for it obvs because you love it and it brings you joy) try and make sure that the extra bits you do invest in will go with the majority of your staples in a variety of combinations. Aim for the new item going with at least 3 things, potentially. Again, for ease and convenience, sanity and energy preservation.

Lets not contribute to our shitty self esteem and low moods by wearing things we feel worse in.

Lets try and avoid sweating the small stuff as best we damn well can


Much Love