Get Your Colours Done!!( An unpaid plug for House of Colour)

House of Colour is a company that conducts a multitude of workshops designed to help you find and hone your personal style

After the birth of my daughter I sort of lost myself style wise. What once had flattered no longer did; I was out of touch with what might suit me and it made me feel really REALLY crap.

I had an idea about the Me I wanted to put across to the world, but was unstructured and wishy-washy in how to get there

Thankfully, salvation came in the form of my local HOC rep Pauline Harwood aka The Fairy Godmother

To say that Pauline waved a wand and went “Bibbidi Bobbidi BOO!” would be a gross over simplification and would do all her hard work a tremendous discredit but there was certainly a smidge of magic in the wisdom she wielded

The first workshop I did at Pauline’s branch of HOC -the one which will be the focus of this blog- was the Colour Analysis, and honestly this is the base from which everybody should begin their House of Colour journey.

You attend with a bare face, are sat in a chair facing a mirror in natural light and have a wide spectrum of coloured scarves draped across your shoulders and under your chin whilst your HOC representative determines whether the undertones of your skin are cool or warm and whether you are a Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn

Whilst both Pauline and I could tell you immediately without going through this process that I most definitely was neither an Autumn or Winter, I’ve always taken a bizarre kind of pride in the fact I turned out to be a little tricky to place. I guess I just like to be difficult!

Did gold or silver suit me best? This is usually a good determining factor but in my case they both did near enough equally. Rose gold probably suited me the least but still, it didn’t look bad

I remember my WOW colours making my blue eyes go POP when their scarves were placed around me – I recall being suprised by Leaf Green, though I avoid it in blocks now when I’m blonde due to its somewhat Tinker-belle-ish effect. Poppy red is an especial favourite but then it always was (NB we are apparently *often*naturally drawn to the colours that suit us best)

After much deliberation, Pauline determined that I was in fact a seasonal sub-genre – A Blue Spring!

Now, it was suggested that I ought to include a before and after shot of myself with this blog-for a visual depiction of the success of the workshops-preferably with the before shot having me in black as it is one of my least flattering colours (mind you I have learnt ways to utilise it 😉). Not to toot my own horn or anything but I’ve searched my albums both physical and digital for a suitably bad photo and I simply can’t find one. This is not to say they don’t exist -I’m sure many of my friends have countless appallingly fugly photos of me stashed away for purposes of ransom- but vanity has motivated me to dispose of my own ones down the years

Besides which I rarely opted for black outfits even pre-HOC

But -and perhaps this is the most important thing- I can tell you how much of a jumbled FLUMP I felt post baby and I can tell you how I felt after. In the weeks, months and years down the line -because your HOC rep won’t go “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!” and wave a magic wand. The process does take a little time (how much is largely dependent on you) – my confidence grew. And OMG shopping is SOOO much simpler now!!! Stores arrange their clothes in sections of colour. See a rail of predominantly olive and khaki? Walk on by! Look, there’s a heap of coral. Go there!So much time is saved

I’ll let you in on a secret too…

…I don’t always follow my Blue Spring rules to the letter

I like to play about sometimes. After all, I’ve eyes that work and a brain that works and I’ve always had a decent sense of what suits even if I did find myself in the metaphorical wilderness post birth…

Occasionally, something will pull me in even if I can see the shades don’t exactly fit into my little booklet of Spring colour swatches. Sometimes, I’ll try it and it’s a straight up “NOOOOP!!!!” but I’ve had a number of successes too. A yellow Tea dress that is more ochre than sunshine for example. A black evening dress so covered in gold sparkles that it rendered the wash out effect of the black moot.

I use my colour analysis stats as a guide rather than a rigid code. I think this is healthy too, though it’s important to remember that the ability to experiment comes with confidence too


What I am wearing directly affects how I feel and therefore directly affects my mental health

For me, it has always been this way

I am not a fashion forward or especially trendy person, but I’ve developed a system and a strong base foundation to build upon and I am complimented for my style these days with increasing frequency. As much as I think they’re always far too generous I figure I must be doing something right and House of Colour-and most notably the now retired but forever magical Pauline Harwood – deserve to take credit for a significant portion of that. For helping me to build a strong foundation on which I can construct my own personal style and aesthetic

And please bare in mind, ALL this and I never even mentioned the Style Personality Day!

(Romantic/Ingénue, incase you’re wondering 😉)

Much Love