Hashtag Ten Year Challenge Take 2

So I decided my previous post -my #10YearChallenge one- was a tiny bit self pitying.

Lets be real here, I really kind of wallowed in it. Talking at length about all the hang ups I’ve developed down the course of the last six years and how they’ve affected me. Whilst everything I said was genuine and true, looking back it feels a bit too “look how much better I was then!!!” -which is a bit shit- so I’ve decided to put a new, more positive, spin on it all

It’s time to do 2019 Kirsty some justice, so here it is.  Much Love Kirsty’s #10YearChallenge take two!


Fact is, whilst 2019 Kirsty is still learning some major life lessons she is significantly wiser than 2009 Kirsty – although not by as much as she’d hoped!

Still, progress is progress….

2019 Kirsty is as less concerned about people pleasing as she ever was

2019 Kirsty is braver and stronger than she was in 2009

2019 Kirsty tolerates far less bullshit, though admittedly still tolerates a fair bit

2019 Kirsty understands people better than her 2009 counterpart

2019 Kirsty knows how to handle people better than she did in 2009

2019 Kirsty is smarter, more educated and has read more books -kind of by default

2019 Kirsty is a mother of two as opposed to one and has all the experience that comes with that

2019 Kirsty has more chill

2019 Kirsty has somehow or another found a way to finally heal from her years of trauma and depression, whereas 2009 Kirsty was in the midst of trauma and going off the rails for want of knowing how to handle it

2019 Kirsty thinks in terms of “Is it worth the aggravation?” and has learnt that most often the answer is “No”

Depression aside, 2019 Kirsty has come through some majorly trying times

2019 Kirsty has learnt that Kindness without firmness is weakness

2019 Kirsty has learnt repeatedly and frequently at this stage that nice is different from good

2019 Kirsty writes and blogs

2019 Kirsty still has wobbly boundaries but they are less wobbly than they were in 2009 and she’s working hard to make them ever stronger. Or trying to, anyway. And intentions are important

2019 Kirsty no longer bites her nails, providing they are polished and kept at ALL times (the smallest snag and she nibbles again!)

2019 Kirsty knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like

2019 Kirsty compromises herself less

2019 Kirsty is more intuitive

2019 Kirsty has realised she will never be able to contour her face into a completely new one so she’s stopped trying

2019 Kirsty has learnt -through repeated failures- that her gut instinct is almost always right and that she should always listen to it

2019 Kirsty has a stronger sense of who she is

2019 Kirsty will help and assist where she can but is less likely to  throw herself under the bus for the benefit of others, at least on a daily basis

2019 Kirsty has helped and comforted a great many people through writing about  her experiences (so she’s told)

2019 Kirsty understands more than ever that we are all human beings with human failings

2019 Kirsty has a more accomplished style, which is something she values and that’s all that matters

2019 Kirsty has realised the importance of independence

2019 Kirsty has improved her and her children’s quality of life by quite a lot

2019 Kirsty might well look different to how she did back in 2009, she might well miss that and have lower self esteem and less confidence on the dance floor.

But you know something?

2019 Kirsty has come a very very long way since 2009 and she ain’t half bad for it either!


Much Love

2019 Kirsty  

(#10YearChallenge 2019 Kirsty being all 2019 and shit!)

  1. Ashli on 2 February 2019 at 5:04 pm

    I love this post idea!! Great job! You seem like you’re loving yourself and happy with yourself and that’s what we ALL need in life!!

    • Kirsty on 5 February 2019 at 4:06 pm

      Thank you 😊

  2. Sheqo on 3 February 2019 at 2:45 am

    Such a beautiful honest article. I love 2019 Kirsty! You go girl, no turning back💕❤💙⚘

    • Kirsty on 5 February 2019 at 4:06 pm

      Thank you so much!😁