Look Around, Look Around, How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now

Things That Keep Me Going:

. Dappled sunlight through trees in the morning

. Glistening frost

. Birdsong

. Lush grass

. The smell of wet leaves and earth

. Crisp cool air on my skin

. Warm Sun on my skin

. Coffee

. The smell of woodsmoke

. Fairy Lights

. Music that makes me feel

. Music that makes me move

. Stories

. The memories of being so stupid happy I thought I’d explode

. The memory of glowing

. Dance

. Dancing

. Snow

. Theatre

. The smell of vanilla

. Ducks on the river

. The river

. The rich velvet of rose petals

. The giddy scent of roses, and hyacinths and peony’s and Lily’s any number of other flowers too

. The smell of onions frying with butter and pepper and garlic and white wine

. The memory of feeling warm and snug and cosy (I suppose Hygge would be the correct term but I don’t use it in principal)

. Comedy, humour and laughter

. Colours

. Prosecco

. Lit fireplaces

. Bookshops

. Christmas trees

. New blossoms budding on trees in spring

. Friends to confide in

. Sun shining over large stretches of water making it sparkle

. Sparkles!

. The sound of waves crashing

. Salt on my skin and hair

. Hugs

. Firey sunsets

. Bright moons

. The vibrant yellow of daffodils

. The smell of old books

. Summer breezes through my hair


Much Love