Inexplicable Panic!

Woke up after approx 2 hours sleep this  morning (was self inflicted so a good thing )and the first thing I was conscious of was a feeling of panic in my chest. Uncomfortable. Try to lie in bed with it but no avail so get up. Perhaps coffee and water and the view outside etc etc will ease it

Am sat here doing all those things and it continues to be there

Why? There’s nothing I can pin point in feeling panicked about. Was overwhelmed a bit with so many memories of the night buzzing like a bee hive in my head before I went to bed but sat with it for a few minutes deep breathing and it eased off

Still, overwhelmed is not panic

Its still there in my chest

It occurs to me to check my heart beat. Usually panic induces increased heartbeat. And increased heartbeat can make you feel panicked

Heartbeat faster than normal

Hmm, ok

Something I’ve noticed about myself the last year is that excessive alcohol can cause my heart rate to increase. I’ve drunk a vast quantity of alcohol in the last  48 hours or so (yes I know I said I’d monitor intake in the interest of “come downs”)  although I wasn’t off my face on it it’s feasible it could have caused my heart rate to increase which would in turn create a feeling of panic

And yet….

Its not the first time I’ve woken feeling panicked with no alcohol intake at all

So is the “panic” physical or mental?

Beats me!

Much Love 




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