Returning Favourite Skin Care Products That Have Stood The Test of Time

Dita Von Tease said it – or at least, I THINK she did(?) Truth be told I’ve spent so much time looking for what I’m about 80% certain was a quote from her book Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour, that I might never actually get this blog post done.

So, in the name of progress, let’s just say that I think I read once that Dita Von Tease is often -understandably -asked about her skin care products and foundations. If I recall correctly, she’s quite open about what she uses however -and this is where I’m sure there’s a quote in her book that I can’t find right now-she is quick to point out that not everybody has the same skin and therefore what works for her might not work for you. Yes…I am about 80% sure she said that! Feel free to comment below if I’m wrong…👇🏻

So, that being said -or not as the case may be-my favourite products that have stood the test of time for ME might not turn out to be so great for you.

Case in point, one time I was determined to switch all my products to “equally effective” budget versions. I scoured the internet for recommendation lists and the results were terrible for my skin. We’re talking rashes, under the skin spots, retinol reactions…all sorts.

But if you’re looking for a starting point and a base guide and have similar beauty and grooming needs as I, then here are my returning favourites that I always go back to and have been for years.

These products have proven themselves worthy and are consistent in their love and care for me in a way that the people in my life routinely fail in (that’s a joke. JOKE!!!!)

1: Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream

I’ve been using this baby for years. I have oily skin with large pores. Exfoliation is an important part of my skin care routine yet I find many of them way too harsh to even use once a week. For example, the popular budget exfoliator St Ives Apricot scrub massively irritated my skin when I tried to exchange this for that years ago.

Although I myself chooses not to use it everyday unless I need to as I’m still conscious of damaging my skin with over scrubbing, Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream is -as the name suggests-gentle enough to use every day and is still a highly effective exfoliator.

Being a teensy bit lazy and not always reliable in my skincare (as much as I try) it’s good to know I can whack this on and go to town on my face removing any left over old make up I didn’t cleanse away properly, confident that my skin won’t be badly affected by the scrub

2: Nu:Skin Insta Glow

Its not a tinted moisturiser -which I got very excited about “in my youth” when they first became a Thing but ended up bitterly dissatisfied with the results – and its not a fake tan as such….

Well, no. Ok, it kind of is

But it’s WAAAY gentler!!!

Officially a moisturising gel it is super subtle. I often apply it under my make up in a barely there kind of way just if I think I’m looking a little bit pastier than usual or wearing a colour that could potentially wash me out a bit -like greys, or whites.

I love it because when I use it like this -and I most often do- I don’t have to take the time and energy to overly stress about blending. Although I’m careful to bring it down my neck just slightly to avoid the possibility of tide lines, if I’ve missed a spot it will go by barely noticed

Of course, if I want to be a bronzed Goddess sometimes I can do that too. I just slather it on and layer it up -it just takes a little more time

It doesn’t rub off on fabrics, unless you apply it directly. So I dont stress about my shirt getting stained

Admittedly it does have a slight biscuity smell, but Hell who doesn’t love a cheesecake base? I know I do!😋

3: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

It says it’s a mask, but it absorbs into the skin straight away like a cream.

I have oily skin, but if it isn’t kept moisturised it feels tight uncomfortable and dry, so I need night and day products

It’s an affective night cream, but in emergencies I have used it to subsidise my day creams too when I’ve run out. Although this is NOT its intended purpose and its worth noting my skin will be slightly greasier during the day if I have done this -leading to make up more likely to slide off and unwanted sheens

So that’s not a long term solution

Still, I’m glad for it in these emergencies and grateful it could be used as such whereas other masks couldn’t

4: Esteé Lauder Mattyfing Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finisher

A bit of a mouthful to type but usually I just roll with “the mattyfing primer” when asking for it at the EL counter, as most would. It saves time.

In case I never mentioned it before, I have oily type skin. This last year or so my skin seemed to become even MORE oily, much to my chagrin, and so I needed to make some minor adjustments to my skin care products.

I purchased this last spring having purchased ELs DoubleWear Foundation (more on that later) after a recommendation from a MUA and friend and…well…its just ace, quite frankly

It’s goes on smooth and has a lovely long lasting texture. And it does exactly what it says on the tin -or in this case tube. It mattifies and controls shine really well. I often put it on without make up just to bring down the shine and improve the texture of my skin in its natural state and I recommend it to anyone else with overly enthusiastic sebaceous glands,

5: Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30

I have been using this CC cream in lieu of foundation for so long now I can’t remember when I first started. Although, for the first time ever last spring I sought an alternative (DoubleWear)as my skin altered slightly and became more greasy and CC wasn’t proving affective enough in staying on and remaining relatively matte, these days I do still use it pretty frequently predominately for its relative ease of application

I ❤️ DoubleWear, but it does require a little more effort to put on because it sets so fast and is thicker. I don’t always have the time for this or sometimes, I confess, I simply can’t be bothered

I don’t mean to brag (😉) but I’ve often been told that I don’t actually need much coverage. But my insecurities scream “COVER IT ALL!!!!” . CC gives me a satisfactory amount of coverage without being overly thick and I find it pretty buildable too -if I were so inclined

And it comes with the added bonus of SPF! So it’s a good all rounder

6: Decléor Paris Hydra Flora Anti-Pollution Hydrating Rich Cream

So I’ve used a few different day creams down the years, but this ones been reliable for a a good couple now. Oily my skin might be (did I mention that?) but it requires a bit of a delicate balance to meet its needs, so creams and products with an “for oily skin” label don’t automatically suit.

Often, they’re too light and not nourishing and hydrating enough. Other creams fall the other way and are far too rich and greasy.

Decléor Hydra Floral Anti Pollution Cream gets the balance just right. Hydrates and nourishes my skin in exactly the way it needs to be.

Feels and smells good too (though the scent is delicate and not overly perfumed)

Best thing? It’s often found in the Champneys January sales as part of their Christmas gift box range, which means every winter I can invest in one for just a couple of pounds more and get two additional products from the same range!

7: Avène Akérat Body Cream

Partially because of age -maybe- and partially because of depression related self-care neglect a few years ago I developed patches of rough, finely bumpy “chicken skin” on small section of my arms and thighs and yes, bum too.

I did not appreciate this at all!

Scoured the World Wide Web for solutions and -in addition to being told to exfoliate the feck outta myself -discovered this cream

Specifically created for people with psoriasis and other dry, scaly skin conditions it has proven quite efficient and smoothing down the chicken skin bumps and restoring my skin to its soft self

So there you have it

It’s worth noting that I am NOT a skincare expert and nor am I trying to be. I am not a qualified beautician, MUA or any kind of beauty “expert”. I do not even have an extreme interest in the industry really – I haven’t tried all the brands and products on offer. I don’t que overnight outside of Boots or Debenhams or wherever to get the latest creams promising miracles on biblical proportions

BUT I do try to keep myself aware and well informed on these things, if only for my own benefit. I’ve learnt a few things from the actual experts down the years. And I have my things -my products and views-and I enjoy sharing them with people

In short, do not treat this list as any kind of expert skincare advice because it’s not and you’d be foolish to. Rather, treat it as friends chatting to friends and sharing their recommendations

Much Love