Swimwear: A Follow Up

So Debenhams let me down

Out of a total of 254 bikini tops available to buy on the Debenhams website after typing in my size and need for an underwire I was left with a choice of 4, only 1 of which I actually liked.

A very busy floral off the shoulder job from Floozie by French Frost

It arrived

It didn’t fit properly, despite the numbers on the label supposedly being in-keeping with my size

What Bullshit

Too tight in the back and the underwire didn’t sit as it should- that is to say flat against the skin just under the breast bone. By a lot. I could fit my little finger in the space. It couldn’t even lie straight, it was wonky however I tried to adjust it. The cups didn’t do the job they’re supposed to, and pushed me out in bizarre ways.

You have ONE job, Cups!!!

So despairing.

Back it went

In a last ditch effort I went back to Bravissimo. I spent a total of two hours over two days trying on and choosing ( I do recommend going to the stores The customer service and expertise are excellent). And a further hour having to travel to a different branch for the briefs I wanted in my size

It was a mission of epic proportions (considering I just wanted a bloody swimsuit!) but eventually it paid off; in the end I bought not one, but two!

It turns out, swimwear is like buses….

Bikini the first was actually something I’d mixed and matched; a halter neck crochetet job in white from the Sundance range by Freya. It had proper cups that actually fitted, and the crochet was not only pretty but the high necked nature of it ensured everything stayed put should I go for a dip. Added bonus, it was properly lined so there was zero risk of it going transparent as so many pale swimsuits do. And I loved the shape of it!


The bottoms where not from the same matching range, but from the High Voltage range by CurvyKate. Vintage -y, high waisted and with a bit of crochet on the sides not dissimilar from the Freya range. The effect was a little-bit Marilyn. Also properly lined and I loved the way they looked on.

In this combo I felt confident, comfortable, secure yet fashionable. I felt beautiful and unique. Most importantly of all, I felt like ME in it.

On the way out, by the till (where all the impulse buys are usually made) I spotted more from Freya – the same Sundance range but different shape and colour

It was the colour that got me

A beautiful bold bright aqua



I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame

It was more plungy, but not overtly so. It was just what I tend to think of as a sort of “classic” bikini shape (thought Im not sure theres such a thing really). The matching briefs where again just classic bikini briefs.

Oh look! They have my size…

Not being able to bare another minute in the changing rooms having just left them, I grabbed them along with the white ensemble and tried them on at home. They were more revealing, subsequently I felt a little more self-conscious in them

Hello pregnancy stretch marks

Hello tummy pouch that has multiple folds when I sit

But you know what? It looked good.

I looked good

The spillage risk was a tiny bit high for actual swimming but Oh! That aqua!!

Reader, I kept it. And I love it!

It came to the beach with me a couple of weeks ago where the colour was admired by friends and I went swimming in my white combo with my youngest yesterday, and didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious

I anticipate much more water themed activities this summer than in previous ones – having ducked out of swimming even with the kids as much as I could get away with over the last five years- and Im looking forward to each and everyone


Much Love