The MLK 2020 Bucket List


I think….

I think I might be making resolutions!

Actual New Years resolutions!!

Oh, the shame!!!

It’s too cliche!!!

I can’t stand it!!!!

Last year, off the top of my head, I did two significant things that I’d never done before.

1) I dyed my hair pink

2) I ran a 5k charity race

Oh! And I joined Twitter. And then left it. That’s a new experience too so it counts!

Summer just gone had me going through a bit of a You Only Live Once kind of mentality. Or as S called it, an “early midlife crisis”

I did the race and then found I wanted to get a tatoo. Aaaaand a Vespa.

I very nearly got the tat too!

After years and years of feeling that as much as I admire the artwork (when it’s done well that is because goodness knows there are many many bad ‘uns!) there’s no imagery in the world that I love so much that I want it forever branded onto my skin. Also -and this is fundamental – I DONT LIKE PAIN!!! Especially unnecessary pain

Look! Pink Hair!

But then a thought passed through my brain, as fragile as a wisp…

“I wonder what it feels like though?!”🤔

Suddenly, I wanted to experience what so many others have experienced and I didn’t want to reach my doddery still wondering and regretting never having found out

It never happened in the end. Reason being I couldn’t find an artist that suited me. I either found an artist whose work and I liked but whose attitude I didn’t or I couldn’t find an artist whose work I liked. Apparently, I’m fussy about who permanently scars my body!

Yesterday, I expressed ambitions and desires for the future in dance

Well, I’ve been itching for an evolution in other areas too. Again, it must be the imminent arrival of the New Year doing funny things to me

And so I give to you all, my readers, the Much Love Kirsty 2020 Bucket List!

If any of you have one too then I’d really love to see them, so go ahead and please do drop them in the comments section

Also, I give all of you permission to hold me to account for this bucket list at any given stage this year. Hell I might even revisit this blog and tick em off, who knows?

Anyway, this is most definitely a bucket list and NOT New Years Resolutions

……isn’t it?!?


  • Less time spent on iPhone -revisit How to Break Up With Your Phone for this one
  • Upgrade my style – I like my style and the system Ive developed for myself to build and maintain it but I’m getting a little bored now. Time to experiment a little!
  • Fix my teeth – I never wrote about it but back in April or so, weakened by years of neglect partially derived from depression and partially derived from fear of the dentist, my molar broke. It hasn’t caused me pain so I have held it off until “after Christmas” but now the time has come (as the famous Walrus said). Also a result of fear and neglect but also unfortunate positioning, as it was pressed against my former wisdom tooth before it was extracted, a molar on the other side of my mouth has a cavity the size of a moon crater. What have we learned? That boring self-care is essential folks! More on that here
  • Take a number of courses & find my dance mojo again – ahhh but which one first???
  • Be more consistent with my evening skincare routine – Im pretty woke when it comes to skincare but I do neglect my evening routine. Time to stop being lazy!
  • Drink more water – always
  • Learn to drive – look even I find it quite ridiculous that I have been saying this for the past 6 years but who knows?! Maybe this year will be the year!
    Take up Yoga – at least try it. I strongly suspect it will do me the world of good in a number of areas and will probably compliment the Pilates. And if I don’t like it then at least I tried and it can Namaste the Hell away from me!
    • Get into running again – running wasn’t a total struggle for me last year. There was one sensational moment one sunny day whilst training around the lake of a local park that everything seemed to come together and my body just DID. My arms and legs almost seemed to move of their own accord in perfect sync and I didn’t need to force or think about it. It was phenomenally freeing. It felt like flying. I felt like The Flash. I felt like a shooting star. It felt out of my control and it scared me for a second so I reigned it back in. But my! It was beautiful. In 2020 my aim is this …Do Couch to 5k. Do another race but this time with more sufficient training time. Figure out why my legs wound up feeling they’d been kicked by camels and address it. Maybe even do a bigger race or a timed one. Find the Speed Force again. Maybe even be “A Runner” , who knows??
    • Try and strengthen my post youngest abdomen muscles – Considering the MuTu system for this. I’m not sure they ever went back fully. My finger gap is ok I think but the pouch tummy and the fact I can no longer hold my own weight when attempting drops in dance at all is telling. Apparently, one shouldn’t run on weak abdominal muscles so maybe address this before running
    • Do Comic Con – Eldest and I have always wanted to and never yet have!
    • Do Secret Cinema – I recall the year I desperately wanted to go to the Moulin Rouge one. It’s a movie that I loved for a long long time and I know it like the back of my hand. Missing it hurt and still smarts a bit. But this summer they have Dirty Dancing coming and I have decided I ain’t missing that for shit!!!
    • Tweak unhealthy eating habits – I eat a pretty “normal” diet which means that there’s a few areas that require tweaking for optimum health. Like protein in the mornings for eg.
    • New glasses – ought to really be at the top. Think I need a new prescription. Would like to dabble with a new style of frame as I’ve had my signature Jimmy Choo’s for 6 years now. Still love them, just time to shake things up a bit. Ought to do this within the next couple of days really
    • Road Trip – although this is reliant on S’ willingness to drive long distance
    • Attempt meditation – maybe by means of the Headspace app in the very least. Suspect it will do me lots of good. Suspect it won’t last long
    • Fill in the gaps in my Discworld Library – shocking and shameful though it may be, but I havnt read all of the Discworld books. To my defence, there’s something like 38 or 40 of them and as much as I love them and that whole universe too much of a good thing can get a bit much for me. The humour and tone -albeit brilliant- is always fundamentally the same and I find I need breaks. A change of scene. But now I’m ready to fill it all in. So bring it on, A’Tuin!
    • Do as many things that scare me as possible (within reason) – Courage is a trait I admire and therefore I try to ensure that I act with courage whenever the situation arises. I’m not saying I always succeed mind. Of course I don’t. I’m only human after all. This is inclusive of such things as having the much needed dental procedure and, possibly…
    • Get the Tat done – maybe. Unless I decide that actually there truly isn’t a picture or pattern in the world that I admire so much I want to be branded with it. Or unless I still can’t find an artist I like. We’ll see
    • Take a Selfie with no filter OR make-up – I’ve actually made a number of attempts at doing this the last few months. Came close a few weeks ago and ended up not posting. NBD to some I’m sure, but then I see all of you who are never seen without something and I see too the people who post “no make up” selfies but clearly have extensions or mascara. So I’m trying to bust out of the fear of my own face and I refuse to bullshit everyone as I do so
    • Go abroad –dependant on multiple factors such as time and organisation. I’m not one to have itchy feet, but I shan’t tell you the last time I visited another country because it’s really very embarrassing
    • Maybe consider attempting to write and complete a story – I wonder if the reason George R.R Martin takes so bloody long is because he goes through periods of being convinced he sounds like a twelve year olds English assignment like I do??
  • Thats all I’ve got I think. And looking at it I doubt even half of it will actually amount to anything but we’ll see.
  • I’m not the type to freak out of The Great Plan doesn’t work out. There will no doubt be much achieved or experienced this year that isn’t even on this list and that’s life for you. Swings and roundabouts. So much went down last year that I never even banked on at the beginning of the year. Like moving house. And the race
  • Phew! Just after the race last summer

    Attempts at Self improvement on a philosophical level will continue to take place as it always does. You know, the things you can’t label or neatly tick off.

    We are after all, all of us, permanent works in progress.

    Much Love