The Not So Terribly Interesting Day Of A Blogger

I’ve been blogging now for about 2 years, although I didn’t properly become Much Love Kirsty until more like 18 months ago

The last year, I feel like I lost my blogging mojo a bit. I didn’t write barely anything at all between April and November. I ran out of huff and of puff and of steam I guess

Perhaps it’s the holidays, but this evening I have felt like writing. I don’t really know what about exactly though and this here blog is my only real writing outlet.

Alas! I fear this post will read like the most rambling and idle of diary entries!!

Forgive me

I have tried down the years -with much much encouragement from others -to write stories and novels. Fiction. My attempts bloom and blossom and then whither and die on the branch without coming to fruit. Such is my way. A head full of ideas but bringing them to life I have found is quite another thing

And that I suppose is the difference between myself and, you know, ACTUAL writers…

(….although it’s worth mentioning that during my 10 month stint on Twitter, the highly respected and very smart author Joanne Harris of Chocolat fame stated that publishers will publish anything they deem sellable, and that “published” does not equate to “good”…)

And bless the Twitter writing community folk who made efforts to reassure me that no matter which format you choose to write in, be you author or blogger, you are a WRITER non the less. Although I have since pegged it out of the *really very toxic* platform, that little comforting nugget from Twitters best is reassuring and nice

So, having abandoned my most recent drafts of a Thing I was extremely engrossed in when I was doing it (AGAIN), here I am releasing my writing, rambling urges on to MLK

The evening is cosy and warm. Daughter has been ice skating, son has been poorly (as is Christmas tradition) and there’s a cottage pie in the oven. I’m refusing to cook anything roast dinner like until Christmas Day!

The Christmas Panic comes and goes in waves and I am doing my best to take a deep breath and keep a lid on it. Of course, now that I’ve mentioned it, it’s invited itself across the threshold of my brain

I still love the season though!

There’s too much good in it for me not to

I am feeling sentimental and particularly affectionate towards my loved ones…

….or at least the idea of them 😉

I am hoping to stuff the left over moving boxes into the attic later, if I can stay awake long enough to…


Look, I don’t need you to tell me that nothing’s more boring than those who write about their banal day to day existence

“Had food for dinner”

“Took the rubbish out”

“Kid wiped its nose for the first time”

But you know what? There’s near enough 100 individual articles on this blog talking about mental health and self care and clothes and beauty – all of which is marginally more interesting than this one! So go ahead and take your pick out of any of those and ignore my latest post all together. I don’t mind. I just needed a wordy outlet

Go ahead

It’s fine…

Much Love