The One

It was love at first sight, but she appeared unnatainable. Out of my league and not to mention there was no gurantee she’d even love me back But suddenly one day my online browsing led me once more into her path and this time…this time was different.

She was available

She was on sale

Quickly, I thought I’d try my luck. A few exchange of details and she was here; my beautiful sunshine!

Now, you don’t have to tell me these things don’t always work out but my sunshine and I hit it off instantly. We were a perfect match

She was the right size, the right shape, the right colour, the right length, the right cut…

There were a few things to iron out but once I did, oh how beautiful she looked!

I was sure I had found The One

The Perfect DressFirst spotted on a recent trip to Liverpool in Coast, this bright beautiful sunshine yellow dress caught my eye and I instantly loved everything about it. The shade of yellow was just gorgeous, the fit and flare cut a shoo-in surely and flirty off- the-shoulder straps; right up my street! I glanced at the label, Coast as we all know isn’t exactly known as being a budget end of the high street. Three figures, as expected. I deliberated…

Could I justify 3 figures on an informal day dress? Hmm, not really. And I was supposed to be restraining myself having already over spent on my summer wardrobe.

What’s more I was supposed to be in town to visit an ailing relative, not going on a shopping spree. And there were hotel fees to cover. Best leave it.

Reluctantly I said goodbye and we parted ways

Back home, I occasionally checked on line for the dress and was disappointed when the day came where I could no longer see it on the Coast website. Sigh It was not meant to be.

Still, I love yellow (one of my favourite colours) and I now had an itch for a yellow dress I needed to scratch so – some weeks after I first spotted it – I idilly Googled “Yellow summer dress women” and up sprang my Love again under the House of Fraser website. Excited I clicked and Bam! There it was at only two figures now. Hooray!

The dress and I made our debut last Friday, and I am now convinced it’s actually magic. Magic as in unicorns and mermaids and witches spells magic (not just “really good”) for how else can I explain the level of attention we received?!? I swear to you, this dress is enchanted.

No, it is not healthy to tie up your self-esteem in the attitudes and actions of others but who doesn’t get a little internal boost when approached in a bar? Ok, granted some people genuinely don’t. And that’s fine. But you know what? I do. To varying degress of course depending on how the compliment is carried out. In this case- without going into details-very very poorly.  So my initial emotions were outrage and resentment. But as I walked away, I confess, felt a little confidence boost. And that’s fine too. Its human to feel flattered. And I also confess I did soften when -even though I knew it was a line – my enchanted dress was dubbed


“Cutest dress in all London”



You see? Definetly magic!

Though S would later claim that the dress isn’t really magic but the girl in the dress is….

Other compliments in said dress include “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Disney Princess” . Call me childish but I’ll take it!

A barmaid told me she loved it and  instantly felt happy just looking at it. Brilliant! It was making others happy!

I felt amazing by the end of that evening. ‘Tis a rare feeling.

Any item of clothing that helps you feel this way is to be treasured, a star as Im concerned.

I have stashed it carefully in my wardrobe, and -in a household notorious for having my favourite clothes of mine or the kids ruined by bad laundering habits- threatened S on pain of death not to  let anything happen to it.

Am considering attaching an alarm system to the hem…

By the way, People did I mention? It has POCKETS!!!


Much Love 








If you love my perfect dress as much as I do, sadly its is no longer available from Coast or House Of Fraser. However it is currently on Amazon at its original price: