Twitter! Sort Yourself Out FFS

At the advice of Instagram guru Tia Talula, I joined Twitter for the first time about a month ago. My reaction to Twitter can best be summed up with this gif..👇🏻

So, by now we’ve all read about and heard about how social media is bad for our mental health. There is of course much MUCH truth in this. Instagram makes us feel inferior and inadequate about our looks, bodies, houses, clothes, make-up , holidays and Hell, even our bookshelves these days (shelffies!).

Facebook makes us feel like we’re failing at life in general because we’re constantly exposed to 10 second snapshots of everyone’s best bits. Highly edited and honed so we don’t see the abject misery, life dissatisfaction, parent fails or bad hair days

And in both cases we’re obsessed with rallying up the numbers of friends and followers and likes. Well, some of us…

We’re all of us affected differently and to different degrees by our exposure to the socials and near enough each and every one of us benefits from the occasional digital detox

I don’t feel like I’ve been too badly affected by my use of Facebook and Instagram, evident mild addiction aside. They can occasionally cause me feel like an inadequate parent but it’s all in relative balance really

And then I joined Twitter.

Suddenly I can see how a person could completely lose their mind within a day on here

Whilst I’ve quickly witnessed  and acknowledge that Twitter has provided communities and much needed support for a great great many individuals who struggled without it I am floored by the level of sheer toxicity that resides there

Its almost as if it was actually designed as a place for people to go to be the very worst of themselves

Whilst I’ve only directly had the slightest of brushes with Trolls myself so far, they are utterly rife on Twitter like nowhere else I’ve ever seen on the Internet EVER

Its like a plague. Or Pidgeys in long grass.

Have I just led a very sheltered web existence up until now?

Im seeing about 30 posts a day from women calling out men for being truly grotesque and despicable – sick abuse and threats, warped attitudes and dick pics galore

Everyone is SOOOO angry all the time! About everything!! I’m not saying they’re not right to be but for the love of all things holy (and not) people can we not just fucking chill for five goddam minutes??? Can we stop being trendy, think critically and pick our battles for the sake of preserving our collective sanity, please?!?!?

Now I’m an angry person myself. Anger is healthy and normal and shouldn’t be stigmatised nor demonised. I embrace anger as a completely normal human thing and I welcome it as a part of me and for the purpose it serves, I.E acting as an alarm system to tell me that something is fundamentally wrong. Anger is a call to action that often serves us well. But – because it is at its core a very primitive animalistic biological instinct programmed in us for our basic survival-sometimes it doesn’t. Often, in fact

If you ask me, the anger swarmed across Twitter is way out of whack

I’ve even found the relatively neutral and “good” people overwhelmingly negative. And this coming from me truly is something. I write a lot about how “Positivity” pisses me off. I bought Mark Mansons The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** because it said “Fuck Positivity” in the blurb!!! But I just can’t handle this level of cycnicsm, bitterness, sarcasm (and I LOVE sarcasm!!!) and passive aggression. It’s swamping. Choking. And it pulls me down too

Everyone is just so bullying and posturing.


Before I finish listing my gripes I’ll take a second to bemoan the weird design system. The fact you end up seeing what everyone else has chosen to follow rather than what you yourself has and that you really need to pay careful attention to make sure you’re Tweeting or commenting in the right place.

That sucks

Now on the plus side, Twitter has benefitted Much Love Kirsty greatly and the company I keep on there is the creme de la creme. They keep my Twitter experience from being too despairing and they often keep me laughing, sometimes validated. Much Love has even been nominated for a little blog award through being on Twitter and I’m so thrilled and delighted by that! I am grateful to Twitter for its upsides and I will continue to use it as a valuable tool in the name of blog enhancement

But really and truly, Twitter you’re letting yourself down big time right now

Sort yourself out, mate!

For all our sakes


Much Love




  1. Morgan on 27 February 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Great post! It is true….people love to rant and complain. And then you have the total opposite of look how amazing my life is on fb and insta. So weird.
    Have a good day =) -Morgan @

    • Kirsty on 27 February 2019 at 5:16 pm

      Twitter has definitely been an experience that’s for sure

      There’s nothing else like it!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting and could I just say how much I appreciate your crockpot recipes!! I’m definitely saving some of those 😋

      Can’t live without mine!😆

  2. Claudia on 27 February 2019 at 5:40 pm

    Great post! I am on Twitter and Facebook. I joined twitter for the great blogging community on there. Otherwise you’re right – it’s a no holds barred environment!!

  3. Noemi on 27 February 2019 at 7:58 pm

    I’ll tell you something funny I feel like instragram is worse! Not sure why. I feel like the perfect photos get to me the most. Twitter is where I go to vent I do believe it’s the best place to go when you’re angry besides Medium. Great point of view, it’s the truth!

  4. Kirsty on 27 February 2019 at 8:11 pm

    I can definitely understand how a person would be more affected by the perfect images of faux perfect lives xx I tend to treat them a bit like magazines or works of art. Lovely but not actually expected in real life! It is hard though, when faced with a constant barrage of “perfection”

    I haven’t heard of Medium before. What’s that?

  5. Sandy on 28 February 2019 at 12:40 am

    All very true! I do, however, like a good many of the people that are my twitter friends and actually have a few that I chat with on the side. I see all those things you talk about and think I got lucky with some folks. Also, I agree that the blogging community on there is great!

  6. Britt K on 28 February 2019 at 1:17 am

    I believe Twitter has both incredible positives and horrible negatives. It’s the reason why so many of us have a love/hate relationship with the platform. My best advice is to always put your mental health first. If that means you need to either mute or unfollow people to avoid the negativity, then do that. No one else is going to take care of you, it’s your responsibility.

  7. Michelle on 1 March 2019 at 1:40 am

    First, I love how you write- I can hear it in my head. Second, you’re dry, sarcastic, clever, and hilarious. We would be friends.
    Lastly- I listened to the audio book of “Not Giving a Fuck” it was great!
    I’m a new follower and look forward to more!

  8. Kirsty on 1 March 2019 at 9:42 am

    Haha thank you so much 😊

    Maybe you me and Mark Manson can form a club 😉😆

    I can but dream!