What Up Means

When I talk about Up, and hoping it lasts I don’t mean I never want to  have another sad or angry or otherwise negative thought or emotion. That’s as unhealthy as it is unrealistic. I’d find it outright disturbing to encounter a person who’d never experienced a negative thought in their lives quite frankly

Up is experiencing life with all of its pitfalls, but not being incapacated by them for extended periods of time.  Up is feeling negative emotions within the broad but healthy spectrum of “normal” responses (for want of another word)

For example, my father died when I was 18. I grieved. I cried. I went a bit funny for a short time. I miss him to this day and occasionally feel quite sad. But it doesn’t impact me on a daily basis. It doesn’t impede me. Doesn’t cripple my ability to cope or function and complete day to day tasks.  I didn’t experience long lasting physical symptoms such as fatigue or aches. I don’t experience triggers as a result. Don’t have major anxieties. I was devestated of course, but I was not traumatised.  My grief was healthy.

That for me is Up. It’s experiencing emotions, including the unpleasant, in a healthy way.

Up can have insecurities like we all do, but Up is not being debilitated by them.

Up is better, closer to healthy, but can still include moments where we’re knocked by the unhealthy or continue old habits. For example, I feel better atm but still do the school run in my Jackie O’s

Up, for me, is not manic.

Up is having increased energy and motivation levels. When I say I want it to last, I don’t mean I hope to become a Wonder Woman whizzing around and doing ALL of the things!! I want to complete every day tasks without feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. I want to be as productive as what constitutes as ‘normal’.

Up simply means a higher level than before. Its an improvement. It’s an ongoing process. It’s not the pinnacle

Up, when you’re coming from Down, isn’t flying giddy highs. It’s being on the ground standing up and walking

Up isn’t touch the stars Or soar like a rocket.

Up is more balanced

Up is peace of mind

Up is not problem free

Up is healthier

Much Love